New Single Every Month

Excited to announce that I am teaming up with Funzalo Records to release brand new Nick Luca songs while they are hot and fresh. The first song, Some Sad Story, is now available on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube. Check back here for a new song every month!

3 New Albums

3 albums on 1 day? Sure, why not! A bit of Brubeck-inspired jazz with "Nick Of Time" - The modern pulse of life in downtown LA, "Midnight Mantra" - plus a collection of tracks from soundtrack work, "On A Mission". Free downloads and streaming, please enjoy!

Nick Luca song on new TV series - The Holdouts

Check out the song "Waiting On A Rainy Day" written by Nick Luca, performed by Allo Guru, in the trailer for the new TV series The Holdouts. Support them here via Kickstarter!

Line Of Sight - Available on CD, Download & 180G Vinyl LP

Buy Nick Luca: Line Of Sight CD or 180G Vinyl LP

Written, performed, produced and all by Nick Luca, this is a true "solo record". The bulk of the recording was done at the fantastic New Monkey Studio. Mastered by JJ Golden. And we couldn't have done it without Executive Producer John Antich. The gorgeous artwork is by award winning designer Lawrence Azerrad (Wilco, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot).  New High Recordings

Line Of Sight is an instrumental, desert noir, Americana, soundtrack, psychedelic tone poem. It's like (a poor man's) "Dark Side Of Moon" goes to Arizona. An adventure through the landscapes of the Southwest. Feel the haunt on "The Haunted Bridge", come search for "Lost Treasure" and marvel at the "Snow On Saguaros". We're Closing In!

Luca Song On The Vampire Diaries

The Luca song "Waiting For Lost Time" is the promo song for the TV show The Vampire Diaries, Season 6 ep 2. "Waiting For Lost Time" is on the album "You Win Again" by Luca.

CD from Funzalo Records
iTunes - Luca - You Win Again

Video for full song here:

Lyrics: Waiting For Lost Time

Waiting For Lost Time
 music and lyrics by Nick Luca
© 2005 Funzalo Music, Loquacious Guru, BMI All Rights Reserved

I don't mind it so slow
I don't seem to grow old
Last night, last week, last year
The faces all look the same
Years go by, it feels like a minute
Where did the time go?
Try to live your life, but you lose your mind in it

Time passes much slower here
The seasons don't exist at all
The sun still rises, the sun does set
Summer is the winter and the spring is the fall
Adults, they act like children
And play like children too

I don't mind it so slow 
I don't seem to grow old

Waiting for lost time
Waiting for lost time
Waiting for lost time
Waiting for lost time

I don't mind it so slow 
I don't seem to grow old
I don't mind it so slow 
I don't seem to grow old
Waiting for lost time
Waiting for lost time
Waiting for lost time
Waiting for lost time

Dreaming Sin Fronteras at USC

This week is Dreaming Sin Fronteras at USC in Los Angeles. The multi-media event features the band led by my good friends Shawn King (DeVotchka) and Raul Pacheco (Ozo Matli). I'll be playing keyboards for this amazing event, one of the LA Weekly top picks of the week!

Dreaming Sin Fronteras

Visions and Voices

Dreaming Sin Fronteras (Dreaming without Borders) tells the stories of undocumented youth through music, visual art and testimony. The multimedia event features “DREAMers” from across L.A.; musicians Shawn King (DeVotchKa), Raul Pacheco (Ozomatli), Ceci Bastida (Tijuana NO!) and Stephen Brackett (The Flobots); and art by Favianna Rodriguez.

Dreaming Sin Fronteras (Dreaming without Borders) will bring to Bovard Auditorium the honest and often heartbreaking stories of undocumented youth through live music, visual art and testimony. Adapted and directed by Antonio Mercado, this unique production will feature student actors from USC and Jose Julian (A Better Life) along with “DREAMers”—undocumented students who would benefit from a federal Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act—from across Los Angeles. With live music by Shawn King (DeVotchKa), Raul Pacheco (Ozomatli), Ceci Bastida(Tijuana NO!) and Stephen Brackett (The Flobots) along with visual designs by activist-artistFavianna Rodriguez, this multimedia event will powerfully communicate the narratives of young people whose lives are deeply and devastatingly defined by international borders and immigration laws. Audience members will have the chance to take commemorative photos in front of Rodriguez’s most circulated art piece, Migration Is Beautiful.
Additional links:
Ceci Bastida FacebookTwitter
Favianna Rodriguez FacebookTwitter

Organized by Josh Kun (Communication). Co-sponsored by USC Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration and El Centro Chicano.

Bovard Auditorium (ADM)
University Park Campus
Admission is free. Reservations required. RSVP at the links below beginning Thursday, September 18, at 9 a.m.

USC Students, Staff and Faculty: To RSVP, click here.
USC Alumni: To RSVP, click here.
General Public: To RSVP, click here.