Nick Luca song on new TV series - The Holdouts

Check out the song "Waiting On A Rainy Day" written by Nick Luca, performed by Allo Guru, in the trailer for the new TV series The Holdouts. Support them here via Kickstarter!

Line Of Sight - Available on CD, Download & 180G Vinyl LP

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Written, performed, produced and all by Nick Luca, this is a true "solo record". The bulk of the recording was done at the fantastic New Monkey Studio. Mastered by JJ Golden. And we couldn't have done it without Executive Producer John Antich. The gorgeous artwork is by award winning designer Lawrence Azerrad (Wilco, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot).  New High Recordings

Line Of Sight is an instrumental, desert noir, Americana, soundtrack, psychedelic tone poem. It's like (a poor man's) "Dark Side Of Moon" goes to Arizona. An adventure through the landscapes of the Southwest. Feel the haunt on "The Haunted Bridge", come search for "Lost Treasure" and marvel at the "Snow On Saguaros". We're Closing In!

Luca Song On The Vampire Diaries

The Luca song "Waiting For Lost Time" is the promo song for the TV show The Vampire Diaries, Season 6 ep 2. "Waiting For Lost Time" is on the album "You Win Again" by Luca.

CD from Funzalo Records
iTunes - Luca - You Win Again

Video for full song here: