New Album: Nick Luca - Line Of Sight

Yes indeed!!! New Nick Luca record coming out April 7, 2015 on New High Recordings. The album is called "Line Of Sight" and will be available on Limited Edition 180g black vinyl and CD. I wrote, performed, produced and mixed it all by myself, so this is a true "solo record". The bulk of the recording was done at the fantastic New Monkey Studio. Mastered by JJ Golden. And we couldn't have done it without Executive Producer John Antich. The gorgeous artwork is by award winning designer Lawrence Azerrad (Wilco, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot). 

"Line Of Sight" is an instrumental, desert noir, Americana, soundtrack, psychedelic tone poem. It's like (a poor man's) "Dark Side Of Moon" goes to Arizona. An adventure through the landscapes of the Southwest. To me, this is mood music that fits many moods. Each song conjures a time and place, a fleeting moment or an ancient eternity. Feel the haunt on "The Haunted Bridge", come search for "Lost Treasure" and marvel at the "Snow On Saguaros". Great for relaxing evenings, long drives, drinking wine, traveling, drinking tea, office work, riding the train, doing the housework, family gatherings, sunny mornings and moon-lit strolls. For listeners of all ages. So come along with me on a musical adventure through the desert lands. We're Closing In!

Listen to "Sasabe For Sale" from Line Of Sight:

Nick Luca - Line Of Sight: Track Listing

1.    SASABE FOR SALE    2:57
2.    LINE OF SIGHT    3:01
3.    CLOSING IN    3:07
4.    THE HAUNTED BRIDGE    2:36
5.    LOST TREASURE    3:43
6.    SNOW ON SAGUAROS    3:40
7.    FOOLS GOLD    2:18
2.    INVISIBLE EARTH    3:27
3.    LYING IN WAIT    3:01
4.    IN THE BARRIO    3:43
5.    NATURE OF THINGS    3:07
6.    TEARS FOR COCHISE    2:07
7.    SORRY WE’RE CLOSED    2:43

Nick Luca Live - April 11 Grand Annex, San Pedro CA

Don't miss Nick Luca and The Luca Band at the fabulous Grand Annex in San Pedro. Tickets are selling quick, get yours now!

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Nick Luca plays an eclectic blend of Americana, Latin soul, funky grooves and rockin' blues all through a Southwestern lens. He has toured the world with Iron & Wine, Calexico, John Doe (X) and his own band, Luca. Nick is joined at the Annex by veteran Los Angeles musicians Joel Patterson (drums), Jimi Hawes (bass), Greg Cortez (guitar/vocals), Joe Westerlund (percussion). Sponsored by Jacaranda Entertainment

Luca Song On The Vampire Diaries

The Luca song "Waiting For Lost Time" is the promo song for the TV show The Vampire Diaries, Season 6 ep 2. You can pick up "Waiting For Lost Time" on the album "You Win Again" by Luca at iTunes or on CD from Funzalo Records. Scary! Stop by Facebook and give the artist a like: Luca

iTunes - Luca - You Win Again

Video for full song here: