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Favorite Candy - Luca 2009 Favorite Candy Funzalo Records
Coming In for a Landing - Luca 2008 Coming In For A Landing Funzalo Records
Fractions - Luca 2007 Fractions Funzalo Records
Sick of Love - Luca 2006 Sick of Love Funzalo Records
You Win Again - Luca 2005 You Win Again Funzalo Records- Featuring "Waiting For Lost Time"
Graciously - A Gulf Benefit Compilation - Various Artists 2006 Graciously - Compilation Funzalo Records

Nick Luca Trio

Little Town - Nick Luca Trio (Luca) 2004 Little Town Panther Fact / Loose UK
                  2004 Slow Motion In The Sticks Records UK
                  Comes With A Smile CWAS
                  Songs From Another Place

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