Fuzz.com is cool!

Fuzz.com is an awesome new radio-style website that I have been really enjoying lately. Creator Jeff Yesuda wanted to make a music recommendation site, but instead of recommendations coming from algorithms (like Pandora), he felt humans could do a better job and so created Fuzz.com. Their tagline is "People Powered Radio". It's really simple, you can click on various stations to listen and you can even make your own station(s) by uploading songs form your library. The rights have been cleared and this is totally legit, check out their FAQ. Nice thing is you can discover new music by streaming personalized playlists and if you like the DJ you can follow them or give them "props" (similar to Facebook "likes"). The stations also allow DJs and listeners to comment on songs. Great way to discover new music!

One of my stations, Lightronica World, is featured this week - thanks Fuzz.com!

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  1. Hey man - thanks for the props. We've been vibing out to your station in the FUZZ basement this week!