Engineering at Skylab Studio

I am excited to be joining the engineering staff at Skylab Studio! Skylab is a professional project recording studio in Los Angeles. Started  in 2001 by Tommy Dietrick (Sky Parade, The Brian Jonestown Massacre), Skylab has become the go to studio for discerning LA bands, musicians and recording artists who appreciate quality sound and dedicated engineers. Skylab is currently expanding to include a brand new control room, a welcome addition to the already impressive space and gear. I've been busy learning the system and have already enjoyed making some great music with some awesome bands. For more information and booking check out Skylab Studio.

Tommy Dietricks's credits include:
Sky Parade
Robby Krieger (The Doors)
Glen Matlock (The Sex Pistols)
KRS One (Hip Hop Legend)
Courtney Taylor and Zia McCabe (The Dandy Warhols)
Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie/Tin Machine)
Clem Burke (Blondie)
Dizzy Reed (Guns and Roses)
Mark Gardener (Ride)
Derek Forbes (Simple Minds)
James Greer (Guided By Voices)
John “Twink” Alder (The Pretty Things)
Pete Kember (Spacemen 3)
Nick Jago (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)
Ziggy Sigmund (Econoline Crush)
Jay Aston (Gene Loves Jezebel)
James Stevenson (Gene Loves Jezebel, Sisters Of Mercy)
Nate Ryan (The Black Angels)
Bob Schutz (Brazillian Jazz)
Nick Schutz (Masanga)
Robert Kyle (renown saxophone artist)
Scott Martin (Tito Puente)

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